What is a smart home?

In a cosy suburban neighbourhood, there lived a family named ‘The Davies’.

The Davies were a young family who were always keen to embrace new technologies into their lives. So, one day, The Davies decided to investigate what a Smart Home could do for their family and how it could help their daily lives.

Their hope for a Smart Home was that it could anticipate their needs and make their lives easier and more convenient… and so their Smart Home journey begun.

So, how did The Davies’ story end?

Well, they quickly found out that a Smart Home was so much more than a collection of cool gadgets, but it is a harmonious and integrated device and system.

A tale of a Smart Home

Starting with the installation of a smart home security system like MyPlace, their home is now equipped with mobile Interior Security Cameras that can be moved to any room in the house to check on their new puppy, as well as integrate their new External Security Cameras.

The Davies don’t have to worry about forgotten doors left unlocked (thanks to their Gainsborough Trilock Freestyle) or suspicious activity when they’re away. They can control their locks and cameras simply and efficiently from their mobile devices.

Next on their smart home journey was introducing MyLights. Smart lighting is a big favourite in The Davies’ home for both the kids and Mr and Mrs Davies. Rooms can be individually controlled, so the kids can adjust to suit homework time while Mum and Dad are watching a movie.

Two features can even work together for The Davies’ home like MyLights and MyPlace Cameras to light up the front or back of their house whenever motion is detected.

They soon installed smart thermostats like MyAir, that could learn their temperature preferences and adjust accordingly, saving them so much money on bills.

This also included automated blinds and curtains opening and closing at sunrise and sunset for the natural ambiance and to help control the temperature of their home.

But the most loved feature of their Smart Home, is the mood setting experience.

The Davies found out their newly Smart Home could also create moods from setting lights, the thermostat, curtains and even sound systems that could turn on or off and be set to the perfect level from a voice cue like “family movie night”. This was magic to The Davies!

The Davies settled into their Smart Home routine and realised their new features gave them much more than convenience.

Tasks had become effortless leaving them to spend more time together.

They soon realised a Smart Home not only connected their home features but connected and harmonised their family.

In this tale of Smart Home technology, it was shown that technology can enhance lives and there are endless possibilities to transform your home into a smart home.

If you are interested in finding out more about your own Smart Home, don’t hesitate to contact us.