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Save energy while keeping everyone comfortable with MyAir.

MyAir, the Australian smart home air conditioning system.

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To understand why MyAir is so energy efficient let's start with how air-con works.

MyAir is our premium smart air-conditioning system.

Whatever your idea of comfort is, MyAir smart air conditioning lets you control the airflow to any room, from anywhere.. You can control MyAir from your smart phone or your tablet. Be smart about your air conditioning with MyAir so you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer all without having to compromise on energy efficiency.

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Man controlling his air conditioner from his smart phone

Air-conditioning with more precise air-flow for perfect comfort and energy efficiency.

Create your own personalised air conditioning experience with the MyAir app via any IOS or Android smart device. The MyAir app functions as a remote control giving you more control over how you want to use your air conditioner and where you use it. Turn MyAir on before you leave work and always come home to comfort. Adjust the airflow without getting off the couch. Or put your mind at rest and check that you really did turn the air-con off before going on holiday. See our list of compatible phones and devices here.

A couple doing yoga in the comfort of their air conditioning

Smart air conditioning zoning, you’re in control.

MyAir smart air conditioning means you can be smart about how you cool or warm your home with its zone control function. MyAir allows you to choose up to 10 zones in your home, so each room in your home can be on it’s own zone – meaning you can control them all individually leading to increased comfort levels and better efficiency. Include the optional Individual Temperature Control so you can avoid those heated arguments about who controls the temperature and air flow. Increase the airflow in the gym, while the nursery stays perfect for napping. With MyAir zone control you can save energy and still stay comfortable by only running the system in the rooms you’re using, and at the different temperatures you each prefer.

airflow system diagram to demonstrate how air travels in rooms like lounge room

Air Conditioning with more precise airflow for perfect comfort.

The MyAir difference is in the dampers. At the heart of the airflow management system is Advantage Air’s Exact Air Regulator (EAR). It uses advanced technology that enables you to adjust the airflow to any room in 5% increments. With the Exact Air Regulator system you can expect better climate control with smoother, quieter, more even airflow throughout your whole house.

Touchscreen tablet to control smart home appliances

The MyAir touchscreen for smarter control.

The MyAir colour touchscreen tablet is designed to be a complete home hub. In addition to controlling your ducted air conditioning system, the device also functions as an android tablet so you can have complete control over  your smart home devices in your home, like your doorbell, security cameras and the like, while also keeping track of the family’s calendar, or staying in touch with loved ones… all from a centrally located hub that is permanently powered and wall-mounted so it never goes missing.

Shocked man receives notification he left his garage door open

Control even more with the option to add MyPlace.

You can also enhance your connected home by adding MyPlace, the smart home system that turns your existing lights, garage door, fans and more into smart home products. MyAir and MyPlace work off the same touchscreen and app, so you can easily and affordably turn your home into a smart home.

Your home. Your way.

Experience individual room temperature control with MyAir.

Zoned temperature control for your comfort featuring three scenarios of optimal temperature levels for sleeping baby, exercise class, and relaxing on the couch

MyAir’s individual room temperature control makes it even more energy efficient.

Temperature monitor sensing the air temperature

Option to add temperature sensors.

The orientation of a room impacts its temperature, rooms facing the afternoon sun and upstairs rooms bearing the brunt of the afternoon sun. An Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor will instruct the system to continually adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature. As an added bonus, they save energy by preventing over air conditioning. They can be installed at any time.

Motion sensor detects person to automatically turn on aircon

Upgrade to motion sensors.

To help you save even more energy, MyAir comes with the option to add motion sensors in the rooms of your choice. The sensor detects if a room has been empty for 10 minutes, and automatically adjusts the target temperature by + or – 1 degree. If no motion is detected for another 10 minutes, the temperature is adjusted by a further + or – 1 degree. This small adjustment is enough to reduce the room’s energy usage by up to 20%. When you re-enter the room, your original target temperature is restored.

The advantage of Australian made and supported.

MyAir is designed and made in Western Australia, by Advantage Air. We are a proudly Australian technology company, committed to producing quality products and providing exceptional service. Our friendly MyTeam will even come and give you a free in-home demonstration and handover, to ensure you get the most out of your MyAir. And if you need after sales support, we’re based locally and right here waiting to help.

The MyPlace app and The MyAir team
Control your air conditioning with the MyAir app via the touchscreen tablet

Integrates with all major air-conditioning brands.

MyAir can control multiple air conditioning units on your touchscreen or mobile devices. The setup is easy and it doesn’t matter if the units are different makes – MyAir is compatible with all the leading home air conditioning brands below

Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric and more

For a full list of compatible brands click here

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To ensure your new home comes with MyAir:

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MyAir FAQs

How much does ducted air conditioning cost?

To install an entire AC system with MyAir, single storey homes are around $10,000, double storey can start from around $15,000 but do require a site inspection or review of house plans to determine if a ducted system can be installed, and if so how complex it would be which would influence the price. Find an installation specialist.

Does Advantage Air install air conditioning?

Advantage Air does not install air conditioning, however, one of our dealers can definitely help you with this. If you would like to be put in touch with a MyAir specialist, please fill out the form at the top of this page.

What is involved in upgrading my system to MyAir?

If your system is under 5 years old, an upgrade is quite possible, it only depends on compatibility which can be confirmed by contacting us. Provided your unit is compatible, this can be done by our MyTeam members.

If you system is older than 8 years we would recommend you get in touch with one of our specialist dealers, to check the system’s integrity before upgrading. If you would like to be put in touch with a MyAir specialist, please fill out the form at the top of this page.