How can a smart home system improve your everyday life?

Your home is there as a place to relax, unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday chaos. That’s why having a safe and comfortable home is key to an easier life, and thanks to technology this is now a lot easier.

What is a smart home?

A smart home (i.e. MyPlace system) is technology that works seamlessly with specific areas of your home such as aircon, lights, blinds, garage doors, cameras, smart locks etc., which then enables you to control these features from your phone or tablet device.

How can this improve your life?

Greater control and convenience – controlling your home from one app couldn’t be any more simple. It means you can switch your lights off from the comfort of your bed or when the kids have left them all on when they leave the house. Switch the aircon on ready for when you get home from the beach. Check you’ve shut the garage door, and if you haven’t, shut it from wherever you are. Monitor cameras around your home when you’re away. Set certain temperatures for each room of the house so everyone is happy. The list goes on.

Less worrying- It’s extremely normal to worry about your home, especially when you’re out. However, with MyPlace you can throw your worries away. Controlling your home from anywhere means you can check your cameras and door locks for peace of mind. You can even set automated daily routines so your blinds open and close, and lights switch on or off to make it look like somebody is always home.  And if you are worried that your new package will be left in plain sight, you can even open the garage door for the postman.

Saves you money- energy efficiency is a big part of a smart home system. With individual temperature sensors in each zone, you can always have the most efficient and effective temperature in each room and if there’s part of your house that doesn’t need it, then it can always be turned off. Light control is also a big factor in saving energy as you can easily switch them off I they have accidently been left on.

Improving your daily routine – Being able to set up specific scenes depending on what time of day is, just makes life easier and more enjoyable. You can set your motorized blinds to open as you wake up or your aircon at the perfect temperature all through the night. Double check if you turned off all the lights as you rushed out the door for work, and we promise you’ll never look back.

Smart home systems improve your day-to-day life, which in turn impacts your overall health and wellbeing by allowing you to focus on the more important life tasks.

If you are thinking about turning your home smart, give our team a call today!