Innovative engineering and quality, Australian made components help you keep cool

Evaporative air-conditioning explained

We know the best place to catch a cool breeze is by the coast, as the air will be cooled by evaporating water as it blows across the ocean? Evaporative air-conditioning systems work the same way – warm outside air is cooled as it passes over water-saturated pads in the air-conditioning unit that sits on the roof. The cooled air is then blown down a central dropper, distributed through the ducting and enters each room via ceiling vents.

No-leak Weather Guard Dropper

The dropper sits on your roof and connects the air-conditioning unit to the ducting. Advantage Air manufactures a one-piece Weather Guard Dropper to eliminate the risk of roof leaks.  To ensure it can withstand the elements for years to come, we make it from the highest quality UV stabilized engineering polymers. You can keep your cool, knowing it won’t rust, scratch, peel or leak.