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MyPlace transforms your home into a smart home

Enquire to get MyPlace in your home

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Let MyPlace bring your home to life

With its modular form, you can expand and add items now or later, the choice is yours. Transform your home into a smart home with MyPlace.

Security Cameras

Monitor your home, inside and out.

Feel secure knowing you can keep an eye on your home, wherever you are, with MyPlace Security Cameras. Check in on the dogs when you’re not home with our mobile Interior Security Cameras that can be moved to any room in the house. Want to keep an eye on your home from anywhere? Our External Security Cameras give you access to a live feed so you can check on parcels or look for unwanted visitors around your home. If motion is detected, a notification gets sent straight to your smartphone via the MyPlace app.

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Let there be light!

Heading home and want your house lit up for when you arrive? With MyPlace, you can turn your existing lights into smart lights. So, you can conveniently light up your home straight from the MyPlace app. MyLights also integrates with our MyPlace Video Cameras to light up the front or back of your house whenever motion is detected.

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Video Doorbell

Who’s at the door?

There’s no mystery with the MyPlace Video Doorbell. Whether it’s a delivery, friends or unwanted visitors, the MyPlace Doorbell detects motion and sends a notification to your phone, so you always know who’s at the door, wherever you are. Its two-way intercom allows you to speak to visitors so you can let delivery drivers know where to leave a parcel, or let your mates know if you’re running a little late.

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Garage Door

Did I leave the garage door open?

MyGarage cures the nagging doubt, sending a notification to your phone whenever it’s left open. Won’t be home to receive a parcel? MyGarage integrates seamlessly with the MyPlace Video Doorbell and Video Camera, so you can answer the door, ask the delivery driver to leave the package in your garage, and close the door all straight from your phone.

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MyAir Aircon

Keep everyone comfortable.

Whatever your idea of comfort is, MyAir Smart Air-con lets you control the airflow to any room, from anywhere using your smartphone. Got your furry friends stuck inside on a hot day while you’re at work? Use the MyPlace app to set the ideal temperature to keep your four-legged friends cool and comfortable.

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Gainsborough Door Lock

The convenience of keyless entry.

Want to make sure the kids get home safe after school? Have the guests arrived before you get home? The integration of the Gainsborough TriLock Freestyle with MyPlace allows you to lock and unlock your front door and monitor your entry door from anywhere. All it takes is a ring of the doorbell and you can let anyone in with the tap of a button through the MyPlace app. You also receive notifications when your door has been locked and unlocked so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure.

*Gainsborough TriLock Freestyle must be purchased before integrating with MyPlace

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MyPlace’s modular form allows you to expand and add more items now, or later, the choice is yours. Enhance your smart home by connecting other useful items such as motorised window blinds, electric windows and skylights, electric gates, water features, strip heaters and more.

Why Choose MyPlace?


MyPlace works with your existing items and wiring, so it’s affordable and easy to turn your current home into a smart home.


MyPlace is simple to use. It makes life easier by giving you smart control over the things you use every day.

Australian-owned and made

MyPlace smart home system is designed and made by Advantage Air, in Canning Vale, Western Australia. We are a proudly Australian technology company, committed to producing quality products.

Additional control

Control your smart home system from wherever you are using the MyPlace app on your smart device or using voice commands via Amazon Alexa.

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Be surprised by how easy it is to make your home smart.

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learn more about planning your air con in you new home build

New home build

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New home build

If you are building a new home and would like MyPlace:

  1. Insist on MyPlace with your builder before signing a contract
  2. Download a builders checklist here
  3. Contact one of our partner builders here
  4. Ask a MyTeam expert to speak to your builder
Exact Air MyAir

Add to MyAir

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Add to MyAir

Already have a MyAir air conditioning system and want to add smarts?

MyPlace seamlessly integrates with MyAir or you can upgrade your e-zone system to turn your whole home into a smart home:

  1. Request a quote here
  2. Speak to a MyTeam expert
Add smart air conditioning to your exisiting home

Existing home

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Existing home

MyPlace can be easily integrated into existing single-storey homes. It sits in line with your existing wiring making it straightforward for your electrician, or ours, to install:

  1. Find a specialist
  2. Speak to a MyTeam expert

MyPlace demo and support

MyPlace is simple to install into your new or existing home. With no additional or specialist wiring required, your electrician can do it in no time. Our friendly MyTeam will even come and give you a free smart home demonstration and handover, to ensure you get the most out of your new smart home. And if you need after-sales support, we’re locally-based and right here waiting to help.

Watch Elise & Matt take you through how MyPlace brings your home to life.

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