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Make the switch to smart lighting.

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MyLights - Smart Lighting

Two ways to make your lights smart.

If you are looking for smart lights that you can DIY for your existing home, MyLights is the affordable smart LED lighting system for you.

MyLights smart lights replace your old halogen lights or bayonet fittings with low voltage LED lights, so you can DIY the installation. Buy now.

With MyPlace, you can turn your existing lights such as LED down lights and pendants into smart lights.

An electrician can easily install MyPlace into new or established homes giving you control of lights as well as garage door and more. Your lights, our controls, equals MyPlace. Click here for more information on MyPlace.

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The MyLights app transforms your phone into a light switch.

With the app, you enjoy remote functionality of the system from your favourite device. Use your phone to turn on the downstairs lights before you tackle the stairs. Dim the lights for date night or movie night. Turn off all the lights the kids have left on. Make it look like you’re home, when you’re on holiday.

With MyLights, you’re in complete control!


Dimmable Smart Lights

Match the lighting to the mood.

With MyLights the lights in your home have a remote dimmer function. You can adjust the baby’s room to a soothing night-light level, without entering the room. Turn the lights in the living room up to full brightness while you work on a jigsaw, then dim them to watch a movie. Set the alfresco lights to the perfect ambience for entertaining and leave the hallway lights on low for night time wanderers. MyLights can be adjusted by area, or individually.

Smart Light Energy Savings

Smart energy savings.

Replace your old halogen lights with MyLights smart LED lights to automatically reduce your annual lighting costs. That’s because MyLights LED lights are generally far more efficient than old halogens. The MyEco function will shrink your bill even further. When selected, it will automatically dim all your lights by 20%. Your eye will barely detect the difference, but you’ll reduce your energy consumption by half.

Useful preset commands.

We’re all about useful technology that makes life easier.

MyGoodbye helps you get out the door quickly. The MyGoodbye button lets you turn off all your designated lights with one touch.

MyWelcome does the opposite and turns on all the lights you like to come home to so you feel safer.

MySunset does the thinking for you and automatically turns on your lights as the sun goes down.

Or customise your own preset command to suit your lifestyle.

Wake to light, not noise.

MyTime is the gentle way to start the day. It is like a light alarm clock. At your chosen wake-up time, your bedroom lights will slowly start to fade up until your room is brightly lit. It’s like waking up to a sunrise you can control.

You can afford to live smarter.

MyLights is designed to be within reach of all. The MyLights Foundation Kit, which includes an 8-inch colour touchscreen and 12 smart lights, is affordable to get started and affordable to install. You can even DIY the installation in your existing home, depending on your current lighting set up.

To purchase your MyLights Foundation Kit click here.

How to make the switch to smart lighting.

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Enjoy the comfort, convenience and security of controlling your lights from one central hub or from your smart phone.

Watch our MyLights install video here  to understand how you can DIY MyLights for your home.


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Australian smarts.

MyLights is part of the Advantage Air family of products, designed and made in Canning Vale, Western Australia. We are a proudly Australian technology company, committed to producing quality products. Being local, we’re here whenever you need us.