MyPlace FAQ

With MyAir

How much does it cost to add MyGarage?

You can add MyGarage to your MyAir or MyPlace system from as low as $414 plus installation costs. Email us at for a quote.

I am building and am getting MyAir, how do I add MyPlace and MyGarage?

There are two options to add our products; you can ask your builder if it is already an inclusion or option, if not then we can install after your build. Contact us for a quote.
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I have MyAir how do I add MyGarage?

MyGarage is an easy add-on to your MyAir system. We have our own technicians who can do the installation from $546, enquire now for more information, or you can install it yourself by buying it directly from our online shop for $395 and taking it to your preferred electrician.

I have MyAir how do I add MyPlace / MyLights?

A basic lights pack can be installed by us from as little as $875, enquire now for more information, or you can install it yourself by buying it directly from our online shop and taking it to your preferred electrician.

Without MyAir

Can you control curtains?

Yes curtains can be controlled, it would require the curtain motors to be compatible with the system. To confirm if your motors are compatible please email

What is the difference between MyPlace and MyLights?

MyPlace is a smart home system that can control the lights you already have in your home or are planning in your new home. MyPlace can also control other 240 volt items in your home.
MyLights are low voltage LED lights that are a replacement to your existing lighting. These are dimmable lights that can also be controlled by the MyPlace android tablet and app.

When we install MyPlace do our light switches still work?

Yes, your light switches will still work in the same way they did before. Unlike many other smart systems where the light switch has to remain on for the smart functionality to work, MyPlace lights can be operated from your smartphone, tablet or wall switches and they are always in sync with each other so you can use as you please.

Will it work with my pendant lights / chandelier / wall lights / existing light fittings?

MyPlace can control all lighting variations not just LED.

Can I dim my lights?

MyPlace has a dimming module that can be installed to dim your existing trailing edge/universal dimmable lights. To confirm compatibility, you can always contact our team at

Can I expand the system in the future?

MyPlace is a modular system allowing you to add additional modules now or in the future. Additional modules start at $550 plus installation.

Does an electrician need to install MyPlace?

MyPlace does require an electrician to complete the install, this can be your own sparky or one of our MyTeam electricians.

How do I go about getting a quote for MyPlace?

If you are building a new home ask your builder to include MyPlace.
For an existing home speak to one our friendly team members in one of our branches.

Can I install MyPlace if I don’t have MyAir?

MyPlace can be installed in your new home build or existing home as a standalone system to give you smart home control over a number of existing items in your home.

How much does it cost to install MyPlace?

MyPlace standalone system starts at $2150 fully installed. Email us at for a quote.