Support FAQ

Do you help set up the MyPlace system?

MyPlace offers a complimentary White Glove handover service, where one of our MyTeam members will come to your home to set up your MyPlace control and offer training so that you can get the most out of your system within our service area.

What are you going to add next, will you add more features?

Our in house team of research and development engineers are continually working on new features and upgrades for our MyPlace and MyAir systems. Stay up to date by subscribing to our monthly email newsletter.

What happens if my internet is down?

Your wall mounted touchscreen is hard wired into the system so will work independent of your Wifi.

What is the warranty period, how long do I have to wait, who will attend?

Advantage Air has a 10 year warranty on all ducting and mechanical components and a 5 year warranty on all electronic component, excluding our cameras which have a 2 year warranty. MyTeam, our local support team will assist if you have an issue with your system. We will try to troubleshoot over the phone. If we can’t resolve the issue this way we will book a technician to visit your home at a time that suits you.

How does the touchscreen connect to my phone?

The wall mounted touchscreen is an Android tablet that can be paired to your mobile device through your home Wi-Fi. To help you connect your device click on this link to our Support page videos.

Do I need to pay someone to change my scenes and events?

No, this is completely free and can be done by you or by our team over quick support. If you would like help our consumer support line is available from 7am to 4pm WST to assist in whatever way you need. As part of your system, we provide a free white glove service, to teach you how to use your system, this can be booked at If you still need more help, you can book a second white glove or callout for a small fee.

What are scenes and events?

Scenes are programable functions based on time of day and events are based on particular triggers such as temperature in your suburb or temperature from your sensors.