MyAir is our premium home air conditioning management system with up to 10 zones and the power to adjust the air flow to each individual room in your home.

Upgrade your existing air con to MyAir ensuring year round comfort.

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More zones = more comfort

MyAir looks out for your comfort by dividing your home into a maximum of 10 zones – one for every room. 

It allows you to heat or cool only the room you are using, conditioning only the areas you want will also save you money on your energy bill.

Easy & intuitive to use

MyAir’s touchscreen is simple and intuitive to use, simply follow the prompts.

When you tap on the Zones screen you will easily see the current setting for your zones. You can then increase or decrease the airflow to any room at the touch of a button.

Your room at your temperature

Do you struggle to get the temperature just right in your home with some rooms hot and some rooms cold? Control the temperature in every room with Individual Temperature Control. With standard systems hot and cold spots are unavoidable as they only have one thermostat, with no option to adjust the airflow to each room. This thermostat is often located in the hallway, so while the hallway feels comfortable at your set temperature, your rooms may often not. 

With MyAir you can adjust everything automatically, each ITC sensor is like a thermostat that instructs the system to continually adjust the airflow to maintain your preferred temperature in your room.

Smart Home Hub

MyAir comes with a standard 8” colour touchscreen that is also an android tablet, creating a smart home hub that allows you to stay in touch with loved ones, play your favourite music, watch videos, and more, all at the touch of a button. Permanently powered and wall mounted it never needs charging.

MyAir is the only Advantage Air control system that will integrate with MyPlace, making home the ultimate comfort zone.

Come home to comfort

Turn on the air con before you get home with MyAir’s remote control. The MyAir app turns your smart device into an additional remote control allowing you to control your air con from anywhere.

Upgrade to a smart air con with MyAir.