Save $100 on our MyLights kits

Enjoy the security, convenience and comfort of being able to control your lights from anywhere with our smart LED lighting system. Enjoy the cost saving as well, reduced $100 our MyLights Kits are available from $395, save now and save in the future.

Not only does MyLights cost less they are energy efficient too, To save even more energy, use the MyEco function available with MyLights. It automatically dims all your lights – you’ll barely notice the difference in the room lighting, but you’ll see a big drop in your power bill.

MyLights seamlessly integrate with MyAir giving you added control of your home from one central hub. Our App allows you to control the lights and air conditioning from your smart device and our system is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, giving you even more choice over how you control your home. You also benefit from the quality and reliability of an Australian made system.

MyLights Add-on Kit (MyAir 2018 onwards) includes:

  • 12 x 92mm  LED downlights (White or Silver)
  • MyLights control module
  • All interconnecting cables and power supplies

To purchase your MyLights Add-on Kit click here

You may need an electrician to assist with your install, if you have any questions please contact us in your respective state.

If you wish to purchase more than one kit to control additional lights you will also need a MyPlace Extender Module.

Offer now available in all states excluding Tasmania.

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