MyPlace’s most helpful feature? Humans.

Our people are friendly, patient humans who will answer questions, talk you through
updates and if need be, visit your place to resolve any issues you may have. With MyPlace, you can call on MyTeam for technical support 7am-7pm AEST Monday-Friday.


We’re here to make
your life easier

MyPlace is designed and manufactured in Australia by Advantage Air. Our purpose is to make your life more comfortable through technology, and we’ve been doing it since 1990. Not only are we Australian, we’re family owned.

This influences our whole approach to R&D. We put people first. We design products to solve real problems, and we make sure they’re fun and easy to use. (We test them on real people too – our families.) We believe in treating everybody, both inside our company and out, with the same level of care and respect. This flows through to how our people treat you – like a human.

We are Advantage Air. The humans of smart home systems.

Meet the humans of smart home systems

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