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Now you can manage your home's security from one place.

Enquire to add Security to MyPlace

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MyPlace offers the convenience of monitoring your home from a single app.

Whether it’s keeping an eye on outside activity, seeing who is at the door and letting them in, or allowing online purchases to be delivered securely.

My Place Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

  • Intercom – two-way audio combined with one-way video means you can hear, see and speak to the person on your front porch in real time all while seeing who you are talking to.
  • Motion Detection – detect motion and receive a notification on your phone when there is movement at your door.
  • Liveview so you can check on your front door at any time.
  • Video Playback for up to 14 days from the event, with the option of saving as well.
My Place Security External Camera

Outdoor Security Camera

  • Full High-Definition Video – Get a closer look at any stranger that is around your home with Liveview. You will receive a notification when motion is detected.
  • Easy Installation – Our MyTeam electricians will install your exterior video cameras and assist with pairing to your touchscreen and MyPlace app.
  • Anti-Theft Alert – Worried that someone may just unplug the camera and disable it? You will receive a notification if it’s unplugged and tampered with.
  • Night Vision – The outdoor security camera captures vivid colour images, even in low-light environment, with superior clarity. In total darkness, infrared illumination provides B&W night vision.
  • Video Playback for up to 14 days from the event
My Place Indoor Security Camera

Indoor Security Camera

  • Easy Installation – no hard wiring required.
  • The dedicated MyPlace app offers extensive features and superior user experiences. Get push notifications, access live video footage, and use two-way audio all through the app.
  • Leave no blind spot in your home with its super-wide-angle lens. The high-definition video allows you to capture detail where it matters most.
  • Talk and listen at the same time, in real-time as if you were on a phone call.
  • Local video recording. Cameras are supplied with a 32GB SD card but can be replaced afterwards by owner if they choose. Micro SD cards can be bought externally and upgraded at your discretion.
  • Night Vision – The indoor security camera captures vivid colour images when in low-light environments, with superior clarity. In total darkness, infrared illumination provides B&W night vision.
  • Video Playback for up to 14 days from the event

Gainsborough TriLock Freestyle

  • Keyless entry
  • Notifications – know if your loved ones have arrived safely home from school
  • 3 modes with Trilock’s signature 3-in-1 function: Passage, Privacy and Deadlock
  • Assign, invite, and schedule up to 20 users
  • Remote access. Manage access from anywhere in the world. When paired with the Gainsborough Freestyle Wi-Fi bridge and MyPlace
  • Stylish metal design with matt black
  • Emergency key override for extra peace of mind.
  • Fully integrates with MyPlace allowing you to use the MyPlace app to control your door lock.

Garage Door

  • Sends automated notifications to your phone alerting you if the garage is open
  • Enables you to close it simply via the MyPlace app
  • Integrates with the MyPlace  so you can see the delivery driver at the door and have them place your parcels in the garage.
  • Safely close the garage door to ensure your parcels are safe.

Strong Encryption

At MyPlace, we understand the concern for security and the fear of hackers. To ensure your protection, we use a combination of security measures including bank-grade AES128 encryption to prevent known cyber-attack methods, Use the MyPlace app and home security cameras, confident that no one can hack your data.

My Membership

With MyMembership you can integrate and control the following third-party items from your MyPlace app; Gainsborough Trilock Freestyle, Sonos and Philips Hue.

You will also have control of the MyPlace security products: Video Doorbell, Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras.

Sign up is simple, visit the MyMembership portal here to unlock MyView features on your MyPlace system.

A small annual fee applies.

Discover Solutions

Keyless entry for the kids

No more worrying about the kids losing their house key. They can ring the doorbell and you can let them in from wherever you are using the MyPlace app.

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See who’s at the door

Know who is at your front door anytime from anywhere. You can turn on the front light, let your visitors in or make sure parcels are safely delivered.

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Feel connected & protected

Feel secure knowing you can monitor the inside and outside of your home anytime from anywhere with the MyPlace Smart Home app.

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Security FAQ's

How do they connect to MyPlace? (hardwired or wifi)

Although the MyPlace installation team offers full professional support and device installation, there are a few important notes to take when looking at the setup for each security device. Outdoor security cameras are powered using lengthy USBC type power cables and are then connected to the MyPlace via local WIFI network connection.

How does the MyMembership benefit me?

MyMembership is a $25 annual fee that allows for your MyPlace system to connect to MyView cameras. Additionally, your MyMembership allows for your MyPlace to have 3rd party integration with other smart products. These products include;

• Philips Hue: Philips Hue Bridge, Philips Hue Bridge compatible Lights or Globes, Philips Hue Bridge compatible sensors
• Gainsborough Freestyle Tri-Lock

Do they have storage/playback features?

Yes, our security cameras have playback and storage features. These features allow users to review recorded footage from an SD card which can later be played back on a PC or SD card-enabled device. You can also live view and playback your camera footage remotely from any connected smartphone or tablet.

What quality are the camera’s and how wide-angle are they?

Our 1080 HD security cameras are capable of capturing high-quality video footage, useful for remote home monitoring. The cameras also have a viewing angle of 156 degrees which makes them perfect for attaching to housing exteriors.

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