Looking Back…

As a new year begins, we thought it would be fitting to look back at how Advantage Air has evolved.

So, here’s where it started…

1990 – Started in a garage in Morley, Perth trading as AC components. Followed by opening first warehouse in Bayswater.

1995– Started making flexible duct. With the aim to increase efficiency and reduce noise in AC.

1998– Launched Advanced Air Control System

1999– Opened Brisbane branch

2000 – Bought PIC (Plastic Injection Co)- started making our own injection moulded parts and products to control quality and efficiency.

– Exact Air Regulators (EAR) launched – To deliver more precise temperature control we created our unique EAR system that offers far more precise airflow control versus traditional dampers.

2001– Zone 6 released – To offer individual room airflow control at an affordable price, we created a six-zone control with an electric constant

2003– Control Air Platinum released – Our air platinum ducted system delivered individual room temperature control and the convenience of a central controller rather than individual room controllers.

2005– Launch of creature comforts campaign. This meaningful campaign communicated the benefits of our unique 10-zone system. With even individual room temperature control, even a hippo and penguin could live comfortably together.

2008– Barry Humphries campaign including his multiple personas – Dame Edna, Les Patterson and Barry Humphries himself were used to communicate individual temperature control.

2010– Robotics installed in PIC- improving productivity by 30% and launch of our Airheads campaign

2011-2015 -MyAir released – Our 10 Zone ducted aircon system now offers expectational control over airflow, individual temperature control and smart control via the MyAir app.

2017- MyPlace launched – We made smart home technology simple. MyPlace turns existing hard-wired products like garage doors, aircon, lights and more, into smart products.

2020– Started working with American comedian and actor, Arj Barker (the current face of our brand).

2021– Installed our own first Pick and Place machine.

2022– Opened our Melbourne branch and launched MyPlace Security products.

2023– Signed an exciting partnership with Penrith Panthers.


What’s in store for 2024? Keep your eyes peeled.