Advantage Air is pleased to announce an innovative new range of features.

These new features and product updates have been thoughtfully designed to give you more control of your home’s climate and improve your level of comfort.

To learn about how you can make the most of the new and improved Advantage Air product range please contact us or speak to an air conditioning specialist.

What's new?




  • We have added support for 360 panning control for the Indoor Camera.
  • We have improved the Camera pairing function.
  • We have added Shortcuts for Aircon, MyGoodbye and MyGarage, these can trigger actions without opening the app.
    • For Apple: there are 4 Shortcuts that have been added to the ‘Shortcuts App’ – from here you can use a button or custom Siri voice command to run the Shortcut. For example, you can have a button that opens your Garage Door on your homescreen.
    • For Android: you can access the Shortcuts by long pressing on the MyPlace icon – you can run the shortcut from this menu or drag it to put it on the Home Screen as an icon. You can press the icon to activate the shortcut without opening the app.
  • You can access shortcuts on iPhone from the Shortcuts App, and Adriod by long pressing on the MyPlace icon.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.

Video Doorbell

Answer the door when family and friends arrive or know when your deliveries have been made. Hear and speak to them via the two-way intercom if you are still in bed, out the back cooking the BBQ, or maybe not at home.  A notification is sent to your phone or other smart device when movement is detected at your door.

Check on your front door area at any time with Live View, giving you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

All of these features are available with our new MyPlace Video Doorbell, a simple add on to your existing MyPlace or MyAir (late 2018 onwards) system.

Talk to us via Live Chat to find out more.

Video Cameras - Indoor & Outdoor

Feel safe and secure knowing what’s happening inside and outside your home at any time, with our new MyPlace Video Cameras.

Monitor the outside of your home and stop crime before it happens, if motion is detected you will receive a notification on your phone or other smart device.  You can keep an eye on what’s happening inside your home also; see your pets sleeping the day away or know when they’re getting up to mischief with Live View.

MyPlace Video Cameras fully integrate with your existing MyPlace and MyAir (late 2018 onwards) system.

Talk to us via Live Chat to learn how easy it is to add these new products.

Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock

Never worry about losing your keys again or locking yourself out of the house.

The integration of the Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock with MyPlace allows you to lock and unlock your front door and monitor your entry door from anywhere.

Imagine keyless entry for your kids when they get home from school or the teens coming home later at night, letting the cleaner or tradesperson in without having to leave a key for them.  Manage access to your house no matter where you are.

Notifications are sent to your phone or other smart device indicating events such as when the door is unlocked, opened and locked. You will also be notified if your door is jammed or forced open.

These let you know when the kids arrive home or someone unlocked the door but failed to lock it again.

For peace of mind there is also emergency key override.

Talk to us via Live Chat to find out more.

Remote Access

Level the playing field on your technology with our improved Remote Access.

Protect your MyPlace system with the ability to personalise connected devices. The wall mounted touchscreen now shows you  a list of connected devices and from there you can add additional or remove any you no longer require.



They say all Mums’ have eyes in the back of their head, with MyMonitors everyone can.

Our new MyMonitor Control Module can sense changes in motion, temperature and light, giving you more control than ever over your home.

MyMonitor enhances your existing MyAir or MyPlace “Scenes” and “Events” features by adding new “Conditions” based on motion and light sensitivity, these are easily setup through the apps, with no special home automation programming needed.

With the ability to set up to 20 “Events” the uses are limited only by your imagination.

To purchase our MyMonitor Control Module click here


Like the old saying goes, you can’t control the weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t out-smart it!

Our new Events feature gives you the ability to automatically run “Tasks” through your MyPlace or e-zone app when specific weather events occur in your area! You can select a “Condition” that will activate a ‘task’ such as  temperatures and weather forecasts.

This means you can now set the air con for MyAir and e-zone to switch on when a designated temperature is reached in your area. MyPlace will also give you the option to open or close window blinds to further help control your home’s temperature or an alert on the best times to run your solar panels.

Away from home? “Events” will also be able to send a notification when a “Condition” occurs to paired devices of the system (your smartphone or tablet), meaning you are always connected and in control of your home.

Events can be set to operate during specified times each day and with up to 20 Events available on each unit there are plenty of ways to look after your home.

If your wall mounted touchscreen is not finding your post code, please reboot your screen to allow the system to search for it.

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Scenes puts your entire home at your fingertips for the first time.

You can now preset actions on your garage door, home lights, window blinds and your air conditioning system in one custom scene to create the perfect home experience. An easy to use editing feature lets you adjust, add or remove items from each specific scene.

There is a scene for every occasion;

Coming home from work? Open the garage, turn on the air conditioner, and your entry lights.

Having a BBQ? Turn on your outdoor lights to let people know the party has started and the mozzie light to keep the bugs away.

Time for a Netflix movie night with that special someone? Lower the window blinds, cut the lights and turn up the heat!

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MyComfort is a trio of features aimed at giving you more control of your home’s climate; mysleep$aver, myfan and temperature control – mytemp and myauto. MyComfort allows you to set the specific features you would like your MyAir system to run. These features are available to systems installed with temperature sensors and an active myzone.

If you have an e-zone system this feature will be displayed as ezcomfort.

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mysleep$aver is the answer for a good night’s sleep, both for you and your neighbour.

mysleep$aver will automatically change the mode of your MyAir, air conditioning system from cooling to fan and continue circulating air through the house, this will save money on your energy bills during those hot summer nights.

This feature will only be active between the hours of 10pm-6am, perfect for suburbs with night time noise restrictions.

If you have an e-zone system this feature will be shown as ezsleep$aver.


Our products should blow you away, not your air conditioner.

myfan allows MyAir and e-zone to automatically adjust the unit fan speed to help control the airflow throughout your home.

If you have an e-zone system this will display as ezfan.

Temperature Control

Systems featuring our innovative temperature sensors and myzone feature now have two additional features aimed at giving you more control of your home’s climate.

If you are a MyPlace or e-zone user but do not yet have access to temperature sensors and myzone please contact MyTeam technical support for information about these upgradeable items.

Taking our original myzone feature to the next level, mytemp will actively work to achieve the desired temperature of each zone and maintain this temperature throughout the day.

Simply turn your air conditioner on and let us do the rest, no more adjusting or playing around to get optimal temperatures throughout your entire home.

Once all zones have met the desired temperature your unit will begin to cycle down to conserve energy.

If you have an e-zone system the feature will appear as eztemp.


The pinnacle of home climate control, myauto gives you full temperature automation at the push of a button.

myauto is a variable four degree temperature range that can be adjusted to suit your comfort needs. myauto allows your air conditioning mode to change between cooling and heating to get the zones to your desired range.

If you have an e-zone system this will display as ezauto.