How to: MyAir’s temperature control features

Zoned temperature control for your comfort featuring three scenarios of optimal temperature levels for sleeping baby, exercise class, and relaxing on the couch

Hey there! Are you tired of thermostat wars and struggling to keep every room comfortable? Well, we’ve got someg great news for you. Your MyAir system has some cool temperature control features that can make your life a whole lot easier. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of your system with MyZone, MyTemp and MyAuto.

1. MyZone

When a room or zone is selected as MyZone, your MyAir system will make this area the focus of your aircon. It will work to reach this rooms desired temp and then to maintain this temperature.

We reccomend setting MyZone as the area that needs the most constant airflow to achieve its set temperature. This would be the hottest room in summer or the coldest room in winter.


2. MyTemp

This feature acts as an automated MyZone. MyTemp will automatically select the zone with the greatest difference between actual and desired temperatures. Once this zone is selected and the desired temp is reached, a new room will be selected and the process repeats.

This feature can be particularly useful when you have an unusually high requirement for air conditioning in a particular area at a given time.

For example, a group of people is watching a movie in the theatre room. After two hours, they eat dinner together. The MyZone will automatically transfer from the theatre room to the dining room. Different temperatures can be set on each zone and MyAir will keep changing the MyZone to achieve the desired temperature for each zone.


3. MyAuto

Taking MyTemp to the next level, MyAuto gives you full temperature automation. This feature not only selects a zone as MyZone, it will also change the mode of Aircon between cooling and heating.

When enabled it will average all open zone temps and aim to maintain them at a temperature between 20 and 24 degress. Once this feature is enabled you can select it on the main mode page.

And that’s a wrap! With MyAir’s temperature control features you’re in control of your homes climate. Whether you want to keep the theatre room comfy during a movie night or ensure the dinign room is just right for a family gathering, MyAir has you covered.

Enjoy the comfort, convenience and energy savings that come with mastering your MyAir temperature control system. Happy living!

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