How much does ducted air conditioning cost?

To install an entire AC system with MyAir, single storey homes are around $10,000, double storey can start from around $15,000 but do require a site inspection or review of house plans to determine if a ducted system can be installed, and if so how complex it would be which would influence the price. Find an installation specialist.

Do I have to be home to use the app on my phone?

The first time you use the app on your phone it will need to be inside your Wi-Fi network, but once this connection is made you can use your app from anywhere as long as you have 3g or 4g connection. If you would like help our consumer support line are available from 6am to 5pm WST to assist in whatever way you need.

Does Advantage Air install air conditioning?

Advantage Air does not install air conditioning, however, one of our dealers can definitely help you with this. Please see our find a dealer list here on our website to let you know those that are close to you.

What is involved in upgrading my system to MyAir?

If your system is under 5 years old, an upgrade is quite possible, it only depends on compatibility which can be confirmed by contacting us via Live Chat. Provided your unit is compatible, this can be done by our MyTeam members.
If you system is older than 5 years we would recommend a full system upgrade including replacing the unit, ducting and componentry, this would be done by one of our specialist dealers.

How much will it cost to add MyAir?

To add on to your existing system, is around $2,000-$3000 depending on how big your system is and what options you want to include.

I want to upgrade to MyAir

Upgrading your existing ducted AC system to MyAir is quite straightforward, we will need to check unit compatibility first. Contact us on Live Chat for more details.