Whats new with MyPlace?

MAt Advantage Air we are always innovating and working to make our products more intuitive and more user friendly. In order to do this we listen and take onboard the features that you the consumer ask us for we and look at ways to incorporate these into our systems. With MyAir we have seen this with features such as individual room zoning, individual temperature control, actual room temperature readings to name a few from the past. Our latest MyPlace update has so many new features that we thought we might go through them with you here.

Monitor Your Home

We are always trying to make our homes smarter and find ways to be in more control, but for everything that we can do the one thing we cannot control is the weather. With the new monitors feature on MyPlace,  you may not be able to control the weather but you can now control your system based on what the weather is doing.

The monitors feature gives you the option to set “tasks” to run automatically on your MyPlace or e-zone app when specific weather events happen in your area. The weather events that can be monitored are suburb temperature and if the forecast is for clear and/or sunny skies.

Monitoring these events means that you can now set your MyAir or e-zone control system to turn on your air con when a pre-set temperature is reached in your area. If you have MyPlace you will also have the option to open or close window blinds or have an alert to let you know when the conditions are best for you to run your solar panels.

You can either set your monitors to automatically run the set tasks when an “event” is triggered or you can set it to send you an alert to notify you that an “event” is occurring and you can choose to remotely activate the task set for this event. What does this mean? It means that you are always connected and in control of your home.

Monitors can be set to operate during specified times each day and with up to 20 Monitors available on each unit there are plenty of ways to look after your home.

smart garage door opener and smart lights control

Create Scenes

Previously known as plans the revamped and improved scenes mean you can have the control of your entire home at your fingertips.

You can now preset actions to include your garage door, indoor and outdoor lighting, window blinds, air conditioning and any other things you may have integrated into your MyPlace system in one custom scene to create the perfect home experience. An easy to use editing feature lets you adjust, add or remove items from each specific scene.

There is a scene for every occasion;

Coming home from work? Open the garage, turn on the air conditioner, and your entry lights.

Having a BBQ? Turn on your outdoor lights to let people know the party has started and the mozzie light to keep the bugs away.

Time for a Netflix movie night with that special someone? Lower the window blinds, cut the lights and turn up the heat!


This is a trio of features in both the MyPlace and e-zone app, aimed at giving you more control of your home’s climate; Mysleep$aver, MyFan and temperature control – MyTemp and MyAuto. This allows you to set the specific features you would like your MyAir or e-zone system to run. These features are available to systems installed with temperature sensors and an active myzone.

If you have an e-zone this will be displayed as ezcomfort.

  •  Mysleep$aver

    • This feature is the answer for a good night’s sleep, both for you and your neighbour.
    • Enabling mysleep$aver will automatically change the mode of your air conditioning system from cooling to fan and continue circulating air through the house, this will save money on your energy bills during those hot summer nights.
    • This feature will only be active between the hours of 10pm-6am, perfect for suburbs with night time noise restrictions.
    • If you have an e-zone this will be displayed as ezsleep$aver.
  • MyFan

    • Our products should blow you away, not your air conditioner.
    • This feature allows MyAir and e-zone to automatically adjust the unit fan speed to help control the airflow throughout your home.
    • If you have an e-zone this will be displayed as ezfan.
  • Temperature Control

    • Systems featuring our innovative temperature sensors and myzone feature now have two additional features aimed at giving you more control of your home’s climate.
    • Temperature sensors are an easy add on to an existing MyPlace or e-zone system for extra control. If you are installing a new system or looking to add to an existing system, contact our MyTeam for information or  your air conditioning installer will be able to assist with adding these for you.
    • In addition to one of our original temperature control innovations, myzone, you now have the choice of two more temperature control options.
        • MyTemp – Taking our original myzone feature to the next level, this new temperature control feature will actively work to achieve the desired temperature of each zone and maintain this temperature throughout the day. Simply turn your air conditioner on and let us do the rest, no more adjusting or playing around to get optimal temperatures throughout your  home. Once all zones have met the desired temperature your unit will begin to cycle down to conserve energy.
          • If you have an e-zone this will be displayed as eztemp.
        • MyAuto – The pinnacle of home climate control, this gives you full temperature automation at the push of a button. MyAuto is based on a fixed temperature range of 20-24 degrees and will change your air conditioning mode between cooling and heating to get the zones to this desired range. Perfect for Autumn or Spring, with warmer days and cooler nights. Your homes climate will remain at a constant and comfortable temperature.
          • If you have an e-zone this will be displayed as ezauto.

MyPlace Control panel


In addition to all of the new features that expand and improve the functionality of your MyPlace smart home system we have also added a brand new tab called MyApps. MyApps is designed to give you a one stop place on your tablet to store the apps for around the home. Whether this be for your Sonos sound system or your Fronius solar monitoring app you can now keep them all in one place eliminating the need to leave your MyPlace app and search for them on the app page of your tablet.

For a full list of compatible apps please head to our support page, and further information on all of the new features please head to our brand new innovations page.

If you would like to speak to someone from our team about these new features, Take the next step and talk to Advantage Air about how you can control your place with MyPlace!


Considering getting MyPlace installed in your home? MyPlace is the smart home system which allows you to control your home at the touch of your finger tips. Find out more about MyPlace and its many amazing features here 

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