How do smart air conditioners work?

Zoning Air Conditioning

If you’re in the market for a ‘smart’ air conditioner, you probably have plenty of questions. This article will answer air conditioning FAQs, including:

  • what smart air conditioning can do,
  • how to make an air conditioner smart,
  • how zoning system air conditioners work,
  • how to connect an air conditioner to WiFi,

We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make a smart decision when buying an air conditioner for your home. 

What can a smart air conditioner do? 

Smart air conditioning systems can connect to other smart devices in your home to better control temperature levels. Smart devices are electronic devices that can wirelessly connect to other smart devices. 

When you have a smart air conditioner, it can do things like:

  • remotely control the temperature and air flow in your home (or specific rooms or zones in your home) via your phone or a tablet.
  • automatically adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature via temperature control sensors.
  • automatically adjust the temperature via motion sensors. 

All of these features will not only make your home more comfortable, they will also reduce your energy bills because you’ll be air conditioning your home more efficiently.

How to make an air conditioner smart 

You can make your air conditioner smart by getting suitable WiFi-enabled devices and smart sensors that are compatible with your air conditioning system. 

How does a smart zoning system air conditioner work? 

A smart zoning system air conditioner can detect different temperatures in different zones or rooms of your home, whereas a zoning air conditioner is only able to turn on and off air conditioners in separate rooms. Each zone or room has its own thermostat and ducted air is allowed into that zone or room based on the current temperature and temperature settings.

How  to connect an air conditioner to WiFi 

If you have a smart air conditioner, you can connect it to WiFi by using an appropriate app. You can then remotely control your unit by using your phone over WiFi or mobile data. You’re not limited to just using the unit’s designated remote control. 

Forget about only being able to switch the unit on or off when you’re home. You can do it from anywhere, as long as you have your phone connected to the internet and your unit is connected to WiFi. 

How we can help 

At Advantage Air, we design and install smart air conditioning management systems. Our MyAir premium reverse cycle home air conditioning management system enables you to control temperature and air flow in up to 10 zones. You can do this via a stylish and intuitive touchscreen that doubles as a tablet, or you can use our app on your phone.   

Our MyAir smart air conditioning management system is compatible with all the major brands. It was designed in-house by our team of research and development engineers and is principally manufactured right here in Australia.

We also have customer service centres nationwide. Our local staff are fully trained and authorised to provide advice and make on-the-spot decisions to ensure your satisfaction. 

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