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It doesn’t matter if you’re building, renovating, upgrading or just interested in innovation, what’s important is understanding that your next air conditioner must be a smart air conditioner.

Currently, the smart air conditioner and smart device industry is booming and is set to grow even more in the upcoming years. Unsurprisingly, there is a reason for all this growth and it isn’t just coming from no where. It’s consumers from all around the world that are fuelling this boom and showing real demand for products to be smart. So, what are some of these reasons that consumers are buying smart? Read on to find out.

What is smart air conditioning?

What’s better than keeping your house cool and comfortable during summer but also warm and toasty in winter? A smart air conditioning system of course. A smart home air conditioning system provides you with all the functionality of a standard air conditioner but better, as it allows you more control to personalise your experience and the control you have over it. These new, innovative features then impact your experience of temperature control within your home as well as other aspects like affordable installation, efficient running costs, comfort to suit the whole family and control from a central hub or remote control anywhere around the world, right from your finger tips.

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The advantages of a smart air conditioner

Set The Control To Everyone’s Ideal Temperature

Comfort doesn’t just stop at the perfect room temperature, it’s also the silence of the kids no longer fighting over who gets to control the air conditioning settings of the whole house. With the recent innovations and developments in home air conditioning technology, you can now choose which areas of your home you’d like receive air flow and the temperature you’d like them to be.

Low Installation Costs, Maximum value

You can keep you cool with the low cost and also the affordability of home air conditioning systems because what’s better when you don’t have to compromise on value? Advantage Air encourages customers to shop around for the best, quote. It’s important to know your budget, know what you’re paying for and know you’re not being getting ripped off. We understand the importance of making the right choice to ensure you’ve got reliable climate control at home, especially in our harsh Australian climate and warm conditions.

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Running Costs That Don’t Run You Broke

Who doesn’t love energy efficiency? Great for planet, great for the comfort of your family and amazing at helping you save money on your home power bills. With their innovative technology these new air conditioners have been specially designed to save energy by sending the cool air or hot air only where you need it to go. This means that if you only need to cool one room, like the living room you are able to do so rather than cooling the whole house when there’s only one person home. The other great thing about these smart systems is their accompanying central control hub which has added features like sleep mode (mysleep$aver) and also the option for an automated timer so you don’t need to leave the air conditioner running to ensure to house is the right temperature when everyone gets home in the afternoon. These energy efficient solutions also mean you can warm up the room before you wake up in the morning and get extra minutes knowing your automated smart home system has got the heating covered.

Smart Home Control

In addition to being energy efficient, smart home air conditioners also allow for efficient control. The air con system can easily integrate into your smart home automation control hub or mobile device via an app that connects over Wi Fi. Having all these access points for control makes such a difference to how you can easily change settings and where you can control them from.

So, Are Smart Home Air Conditioners Worth It?

If you’re in the market for an air conditioner or considering the upgrade then we’d definitely recommend going smart and too be honest it seems to be the way that most home appliances and white goods are going. You might then regret not going smart now when you eventually upgrade everything else and find out they too integrate into the same system (lucky there are also add on adaptors to enable smart features on air cons). Honestly, with all the new innovations and technological developments these days, not going smart might mean missing out on all the value the smart system could bring to your life and of course the value it would add to your home.

Still Not Convinced?

We understand the importance of doing your research and shopping around because this is a big decision to make. If you need more information on the features and benefits of a smart air conditioning system then we recommended your check out, MyAir our premium smart home air conditioning system. MyAir and many more smart home products also easily integrate with our smart home control hub MyPlace.

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