Six top tips to keep your home safe this long weekend

With many people making the most of the June long weekend we all need to be aware of prowlers on the lookout for homes that seem empty and could make an easy target.

Owner of MyPlace smart home technology Dave Devoy shares his top tips on how to keep your house safe while you’re away.

“Getting away for the long weekend is one of life’s simple pleasures, but you don’t want to be worrying about leaving your leaving your home empty,” said Dave.

“Putting a few security measures in place while you’re away will give you peace of mind so you can truly relax on your holiday and make the most of that special time.”

Dave has a few top tips to help keep your home safe while you’re away:

  1. Make friends with your neighbours

    When you buddy up with a trusted neighbour you can ask them to check your mail – as well as keep an eye on your house. You could even ask them to park a car in your driveway so it looks like someone is home.

  2. Schedule indoor lights to come on

    A dark house can invite a break in – so light it up!

    Leaving lights on while your away isn’t an option with rising costs, but imagine being able to control your lights even while you’re sipping a wine on holiday.

    When the sun goes, down the lights can come on – all controllable through your phone with MyLights technology.

    This goes for outdoor lights too. Having ample lights around your home that have motion sensors or come on at set times will scare those thieves away… see ya!

  3. Take care of your front garden

    An easy tip, but one easily forgotten, is to mow your lawn.

    Long meadow grass that would usually be well manicured, can look like no one has been home for an extended period. Same goes with watering plants (which you could ask your neighbour to help with), so they don’t look wilted in your absence.

  4. Upgrade your home security

    You might have taken your dog with you on holiday or given the pup to the grandparents, so the bark that would usually scare a possible intruder away will need to be replaced with another measure.

    There are a range of smart home solutions that help you monitor your home while you’re away. For example, with MyView if motion is detected, a notification will get sent straight to your smartphone via the MyPlace app, letting you can check out what all the commotion is from wherever you are.

  5. Unplug unnecessary electrical items

    Keeping your home safe can even be as simple as! Unplugging your dishwasher, TV and computer to avoid any risk of fires or power surges.

  6. Curtains closed… or open?

    Your curtains tell a story! If you usually keep your curtains open and suddenly they are closed…  this screams “nobody is home!”.

    Up during the day and down at night, with smart home technology settings gives you the best of both worlds. Easily installable, this technology is becoming increasingly popular!

Dave Devoy is the founder of Advantage Air and leading smart home technology brand MyPlace.