4 reasons why a Smart home will change the way you work from home

Smart home systems should help us work smarter, not harder. One of the biggest changes to our daily lives in 2021 undoubtedly is not only the need, but the desire to work from home.  With that said, when it comes to Smart home control systems, there is no better time to transform the way we live and work at home. After all, there is no place like home!

It is estimated that in 2021, two in five people worked from home at least once a week and that this movement is here to stay. Reportedly, more people experienced higher job satisfaction when working from home, with more time to spend with family and friends, autonomy creating better work life balance and not having to commute to and from work being among the top benefits for working from home.

Nevertheless, working from home comes with its challenges. Productivity levels and separating work and home life were listed as some of the more common challenges.  It is easy to say that we are finding ways to work smarter, but what can a smart home control system do in your home and why is it needed more than ever?


Making your home completely comfortable with smart air conditioning

Being uncomfortable can kill your productivity! Having smart air-conditioning installed at your home can ensure that you and your family are not only getting the best energy efficiency from your air conditioner but enjoying complete comfort from home.

Sitting at your desk in your home office, kitchen or other living spaces all day, you may have your air conditioner running, but find that you are never getting that complete satisfaction of feeling comfortable. MyAir Individual temperature control (ITC) is the perfect solution. With a small and discrete temperature sensor placed in each zone, your Smart Air conditioner is detecting temperatures at a human level. This is particularly effective when there are sun facing rooms, or a cold lower level den that never seems to reach temperature.


Making your whole of home easier with a smart home system

Make your home work with you, not against you as you are working! Imagine you are getting up to start your working day at home. With MyPlace, at the press of a button, your blinds open, smart home lights turn on to a comforting and soothing glaze, complimentary to the sun coming in the windows. Your airconditioning is set to turn on in only the zones you are needing and set to the perfect temperature. Setting this up as a scene with ease on the MyAir Scenes page is smart home controls made easy, simply tell it the days and times you want to run this scene, and MyPlace will do all of this for you. Having your office space ready to go before you are? Now that is comfort.


Controlling your Smart home system with ease

Like a pro, smart home solutions let you get back to your work, while the automated devices do all the work.

Using your voice to control your Smart home system is easy with integration from Google Home and Alexa devices. MyPlace is the Smart home hub which with a simple voice command you can control your Smart Air-conditioning, your smart home lights, garage door, fans and blinds, and anything else connected to it.

Not near the smart speaker or MyPlace touchscreen? If you have your phone with you, you can see and control what your home is doing. In fact, once we are allowed to travel again, you can control from your MyPlace smart home system wherever you are in the world.


Energy Saving and Affordable Smart Home solutions

Understandably, it can be expensive to run an air-conditioning system all day long when you and your family are at home. Have that peace of mind that with a MyPlace Smart Airconditioning system you are not wasting time and more importantly money making your home comfortable for your family.

If you are working solely in your office and the kids are home-schooling from the kitchen, using your Smart Air-conditioner, you can set the temperatures you need in each zone to get on with the job.

With a Smart Air-conditioning system the system can be separated to control the airflow you are desiring into the zones you want the airflow to land in. Having multiple zones with your air conditioner ensures that you are optimising the use of you air-conditioning system and not wasting time or money heating or cooling unnecessary parts of your home.


Convenience is at your fingertips

With MyPlace, the stylish slimline tablet is the centralised Smart Home hub that is your one stop controller where the possibilities are endless. YouTube, Spotify, internet browsers, your doorbell and security systems are just some of the applications you can control from your MyPlace Smart home hub.

 Looking up a recipe on YouTube or playing your favourite song on the tablet is a quick and easy solution to add that bit of vibe to your kitchen and dining space while you are spending more time at home. Alternatively, use your voice to dim the dining room lights and turn on slow jazz to entice your family from their workloads or school task and gather as a family together for a meal. 


Why Smart Home systems are changing the way we work from home?

Working from home for some might be hard, but making your home work for you doesn’t have to be! With the Australian made and supported Smart Home system by MyPlace, you can customise your home into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Transform the way you and your family spends their time at home now and contact us to get an affordable and reliable smart home system installed at your place today.