Online shopping delivery made easier (and more fun!)

Who doesn’t love the convenience and instant gratification of online shopping?  If the stats are anything to go by, not many, because a huge 3.4 million Australian households had a parcel home delivered last year.

If you love online shopping just like us, you’ve no doubt memorised the free delivery threshold on dozens of sites and you’re probably on a first-name basis with the delivery driver that you’ve asked to hide deliveries in secret and safe spots behind the pot plant when you’re not home.

We get it, online shopping is fun and convenient. The anticipation for the order’s arrival and tracking your parcel is like… tracking Santa on Christmas day!


You’re scrolling through Instagram, and you see a must have new outfit or a limited addition branded Xbox console and even though you don’t need it, of course you want it! And within a second you’ve hit the buy button.

The order is finalised, and you start tracking your package. You’ve decided to go express delivery because you just can’t wait….

Next thing, it’s delivery day. But you’re out and no one’s home to collect your package.

What if it goes missing because it is placed in an unsafe spot…

What if they take it back to the post office, I don’t have time to get it later …

Want more stress-free control so your deliveries are just as convenient as your shopping?

MyPlace Security makes that happen.

It’s packed with super helpful and super easy to use state of the art tools and services, to secure your delivery bundle.

Visualise this….

The delivery driver arrives and rings your doorbell, and he hears you say hello (magically via your app).

You let him know to pop it in the garage.  With a click on the app you open the door, you watch him deliver the parcel and then with a click you close the garage door.

All of this done while you are out and about. Online shopping made even easier and more fun …. we know and you are welcome ….

Visit the MyPlace security page to learn more.