Smart home technology solving everyday issues and ending arguments

If you’ve ever found yourself sharing a house with someone who leaves the lights on in every room they go to – we feel your pain.  It’s almost as annoying as leaving open the door to every cupboard they go into…

Annoyance aside, as we all look to stretch the household budget as the cost of living escalates we have a different motive to wanting to turn off lights and air conditioning in rooms we are using to save $$$

Most of us are looking to live smarter, cleaner and more cost efficiently these days… ideally without sacrificing creature comforts.

This is the very thinking behind smart home technology like MyPlace.  A few simple swipes of the app on your smartphone and you can conveniently control the efficiency of your home.

The MyPlace app transforms your smartphone into a home automation control panel!

Want to dim for date nights? … done!

Want to turn up the light when you’re ready to nudge your dinner guests out the door?  …sneakily simple!

Even better when you rush out of the house and can’t decide whether the lights were turned off – you can manage with a tap on your phone.  The MyGoodbye option turns off all lights with one simple click on your phone.

Other convenience features we love are the MyWelcome option allowing you to schedule the lights to come on in time to get home.

Struggling with those morning alarms? Ding ding, it’s our favourite feature! Wake up to light, with MyTime. This handy feature lets you set the lights in your room to slowly turn on with a gradual fade up and can even make your blind open when it’s time to start your day.

You could say this technology solves some of life’s ‘first world problems’ – but in reality the cost savings, safety and convenience are something that is hard to argue with.

MyPlace can even be set up using your existing wiring, so it’s affordable and easy to turn your current home into a smart home.


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