Creating the Perfect Ambience: Using Smart Home Tech to Set the Mood

Imagine walking into a room with the perfect lighting, just the right temperature, and your favourite music playing in the background. You instantly feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to take on whatever the day brings. This is the power of setting the mood with MyPlace smart home technology.

We have revolutionised the way we live, work and relax in our homes. With a few taps on your smart phone, or a quick voice command cue, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion… and we mean any!

Gone are the days of candles, dimmer switches and manually adjusting the thermostat which are, let’s face it time-consuming and inconsistent.

One of the simplest ways to create your desired atmosphere is by using MyPlace smart light control. MyPlace integrates with your existing bulbs, and you can set the brightness, colour, and even schedule when lights turn on and off.

Imaging creating a romantic atmosphere for a date night. You can create the perfect Netflix and chill vibes with smart technology!

Just open the app on your phone, click and set the lights to a warm, soft glow.

Or the opposite, maybe you want to energise your space for a morning workout? Set the lights to a bright, cool colour – the possibilities are endless.

But why stop at lighting to set the moods?

Smart thermostats like MyAir are another way to set the perfect mood in your home. Whether you want to cozy up on a chilly evening when the movie starts or cool the kid’s rooms down on a hot summers evening before bed, a MyAir can make it happen with just a few taps on your smart phone.

For an even more immersive experience, consider investing in a smart home speaker, sound system or integrate your Sonos sound system with MyPlace.

With voice commands, you can play those romantic tunes for your date night, and you can adjust the volume, and even ask for virtual assistant, to set the mood with a pre-made playlist. Whether you are in the middle of romantic night or putting the kids to sleep, having the perfect soundtrack will make all the difference. “Date night” is all you have to say, and the lights dim, curtains close, and speakers are ready.

Click or command the choice is yours… any mood for any occasion can be created for your home.

It’s so easy to experiment with different mood combinations of lighting, sounds and temperatures, until you find the perfect ambiance that suits your needs and moods.


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