How MyPlace Transforms Homes, One Smart Idea at a Time

When the world sought innovative ideas MyPlace worked hard to help achieve our customer’s dream homes. From starting out in a garage till now we have always been grateful to all our customers for pushing us to solve more of life’s questions. Allow us to take you on a trip down memory lane to be able to show you all the goals that were achieved because of each and every one of you.   

In 2011 we knew that mobile phones were on the rise, most of us had them in our back pocket. We also knew that getting out of our really comfy beds to control our air conditioning system was super hard, especially on a really cold morning. So, in 2011 we came out with the first phone app for smart home controls. With one simple click of a button from your couch or snug bed, you could control your home.

We also understand that to keep the whole family happy you would need a central hub for all things smart home. In 2014, MyPlace developed the first tablet as a central home hub for your smart home needs. This made the touch screen accessible for all parts of the family. 


We know that at some point we have gotten home, and all felt around for the light switch that seemed to have moved each time we try to find it. So, for that in 2016 we wanted to help by bringing out smart lighting controls. This way you could switch on your lights from one touch of a button on your phone before you even walk into your home.

A thought that crossed all our minds at some point is, “Did I close the garage?” At this point we have probably gotten far away from home, that’s okay though because in 2017 MyPlace brought out smart garage controls. This enables everyone to control their garage from one touch of a button on their phone from anywhere.

Security was the next thing on our mind and in 2022 we came out with the Gainsborough door lock. Unlock that door for your kids and family all from your phone or tablet. Let them in from the comfort of anywhere. 

Lastly, but certainly not least we have our security cameras. Check when the delivery driver dropped off the parcel, or when the kids come home, or when your guests have come over. Get in control of your home the way that you want all from the comfort of well… anywhere. 

But if you think that’s all, rest assured there’s more to come soon…