Improve Your Work From Home Experience With a Smart Home System

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Working from home or just staying home is something that most of the world have become very familiar with over the last two years. Love it or hate it, working from home is just another part of our new normal we may need to accept for the time being. So to make this change a little easier and more enjoyable we’ve developed a list of reasons why having a smart home system can improve your work from home experience

In 2021 it was estimated that two in five people worked from home at least once during the week. Of these people working from home, it was found that they actually experienced higher job satisfaction staying home rather than going into work. People’s job satisfaction increased because their happiness increased; from having more time to spend with family and friends, having more control over their work-life balance and more free time for self-care due to not having to commute to and from work.

Nevertheless, some people did report that working from home did come with its challenges like maintaining productivity levels, setting clear boundaries between work life and home life and not being distracted by family members or household chores.

It is easy to say that there are both challenges and opportunities that working from home provides us but what if there was something that could make the experience just that bit more enjoyable – A smart home system...

Maintaining Your Work Day Routine

The key to succeeding with work from home is maintaining your usual routine and your usual work hours as you would when you go to work. Maintaining your routine can make a big difference to ensuring work life balance and also makes life a bit easier on your mental health. One of the great features of smart home automation is the ability to create scenes which can automatically prepare your home for the workday ahead. Your smart home system will automatically turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioning system and open the blinds so all need to do is turn up on time. When the work day is done your smart home automation system knows when to switch off the lights and air con, so you aren’t tempted to keep working and know it’s time to relax.

Working from Home with MyAir

Maximum Comfort, Maximum Focus

Being uncomfortable while trying to get work done can be so frustrating. If the room isn’t the right temperature or there’s too much outside noise it can be a distraction and impact your productivity. For maximum comfort, ensure that your room is set to the perfect working temperature which is usually about 21 to 23 degrees. If you happen to have a smart air-conditioning system, you can easily adjust your room temperature from your home, saving you time having to get up and change it from the system control device.

To ensure consistent levels of comfort use some smart air conditioning systems might have individual temperature control functions or ITC, featured in MyAir. With a small and discrete temperature sensor placed in each zone, your smart air conditioner is detecting temperatures at a human level and will automatically turn regulate the temperature. This is particularly effective when there are sun-facing rooms, or a cold lower level den that never seems to reach temperature and of course great solution for those working from home and need one less thing to worry about.

Controlling Your Smart Home System With Ease

Like a pro, smart home solutions let you get back to your work, while the devices and smart home automation system does all the work you don’t have time for. These smart home devices are so smart and efficient there’s so many ways you can control them like voice control.

Use your voice to control your smart home automation system with easy integration from Google Home and Alexa devices. Smart home automation systems, like MyPlace can be controlled via voice commands giving you control over your smart air-conditioning, smart lighting system, garage door, fans and blinds. You’re also able to control other smart devices that are connected to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices like smart speakers for listening to your favorite music while you work or your smart doorbell for alerts when someone visits your home.

Energy Saving & Affordable Solutions For Working From Home

Understandably, it can be expensive to run an air conditioning system all day long when you and your family are all stuck at home. To make life from home a bit easier and more relaxing, it’s good to have peace of mind that you are not wasting time and more importantly money making your home comfortable for your family. If you are working solely in your office and the kids are home-schooling from the kitchen, using your smart sir conditioner, you can set the temperatures you need in each zone to get on with the job.

With a smart air conditioning system, enjoy more control over your home’s airflow by choosing where the air goes depending zones you allocate. Having multiple zones with your air conditioner ensures that you are optimising the use of your air conditioning system and not wasting time or money heating or cooling unnecessary parts of you smart home.

Convenience & Control At Your Fingertips

With MyPlace, the smart home system you can enjoy home automation and complete control over all your smart home products, from one stylish slimline tablet.

  • Easily control your home with the user friendly interface
  • Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for more control over various devices
  • Automate and control your smart lights
  • Enjoy remote access to your smart home system from your phone
  • Play music from Spotify and YouTube via your smart home control system
  • Set alarms and create scenes for even more automation
  • Relax with great support services from real people with MyTeam

The Best Smart Home Devices For The Best Work From Home Experience

Make life working from home just that bit easier and enjoyable with a smart home system and the many features included. If you’re interested in investing in a smart home system, Advantage Air offers some of the best smart home devices you need while working from home; MyAir, MyPlace, MyLights and more!

Transform the way you and your family spends their time at home now and contact us to get an affordable and reliable smart home system installed at your place today. A MyTeam support specialist will be happy to help you get started on your journey to a more enjoyable work from home experience.