12 Reasons We Are Excited Summer Is Here

The first day of summer is the 1st of December and who doesn’t love an Aussie summer! As the weather grows warmer and the school year comes to a close, everyone is gearing up for warm evenings, early sunrises and spectacular sunsets.

Whether it’s spending time at the beach, heading to the local pool or going on a long overdue family vacation, there are so many options to fill up your warm summer days. Here are 12 reasons why we are psyched for the new season here at Advantage Air.

1. Family holidays

We can already feel those memories being made! Since school is out for summer, it’s the best time to pack your bags and head off on some new family adventures. That could mean going to a tropical island, a cross-country road trip or exploring options closer to home. From a new camping spot to somewhere relaxing to lay by a pool, the ideas are endless and memories everlasting.

2. Family “staycation”

Can’t get away for a break? Create some summer memories at home! Camp in the backyard, have a picnic or a sleepover in the living room. Whether you decide to stay inside in the cool for a movie marathon or create a treasure hunt or game in the backyard, the kids and adults will love the time spent together.

3. Gorgeous weather

Swap out the warm socks and winter boots for a pair of comfy sandals or thongs. Winter feels like a distant memory once the sunshine hits, so it’s time to dust off the picnic blankets, pack a snack and head to the park with your family. Even the nights are warmer, so it’s the perfect season for stargazing.

4. Ice cream

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is without a doubt the perfect dessert ever devised by man. It’s rich and creamy, full of the flavours of summer, making it the perfect treat on a hot summer’s day. Ice cream can be used to make sandwiches, entire cakes or just eaten as a scoop all on its own. However you like to have it, summer screams for ice cream!

5. Family flicks

During the warm weather families can find outdoor movies, drive-in theatres or even rooftop movies opening their doors for business. However, if you want to skip sitting outside with the bugs and humidity, head to the cool air-conditioning of your local cinema for the latest summer releases. Otherwise pop some popcorn, make some choc bombs and enjoy the comfort of turning your living area into your own private movie theatre.

6. Summer foods

So many wonderful foods come into season during the summer months. It is the time to enjoy fresh fruit, smoothies, corn on the cob and everything that can be cooked on a BBQ. Hamburgers, steaks, chicken kebabs or fish – it doesn’t matter as long as it can be cooked outside and there is nothing better than eating a slice of cold watermelon by the pool on a hot day.

And don’t worry about the sun going down too early and bringing with it the mood of your afternoon BBQ. Summer in WA is known for its longer lasting days. But if you do catch yourself out in the dark, don’t fret – there’s always the MyLights Sunset feature to keep you well lit.

7. Beach days

A popular summer spot and something that can only really be enjoyed fully in the summer months is the beach. Kids in particular love the beach – where else can they splash around in the water, make sandcastles and boogie board on the waves? Just remember the SPF 50+ to protect from the summer sun and always swim between the red and yellow flags!

And don’t forget that while you are enjoying the sunshine at the beach you can set up Monitors so that your house is comfortable when you arrive home.

8. Family visits

With families often having vast distances between them, summer is often the perfect time for families to come together and reconnect. With the kids on a break from school it can mean sleepovers at grandma and grandad’s or a week at the beach with the cousins. Warm evenings also mean family BBQs, a nice cold wine and music late into the evening.

9. Extra daylight

The summer solstice is on the 22nd of December, which is the longest day of the year. In some places there is in excess of 12 hours of daylight! Having a day that long gives you plenty of time to have fun with the family while soaking up some Vitamin D. So mark it in your calendars and make sure to get the most out of it while it’s here!

10. Markets, fairs and festivals

Farmers markets, twilight markets, summer festivals, carnivals and fairs crank up in the summer months, and they’re perfect for the whole family. Ride the ferris wheel with the kids, indulge in fairy floss and cinnamon doughnuts – you might even be able to catch a fireworks show if you’re lucky!

Additionally, some museums and other attractions offer free days in summer and there are many local pop-up events, so check out local businesses and you may snag some great summer deals.

11. Summer sports

You may be playing, watching the kids or enjoying immersing yourself in the great Aussie summer of cricket and tennis on TV. It may even be surf club, baseball or kayaking. No matter what you prefer, there are so many sports on offer in the summer months it just makes us all want to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

12. More time to relax with the kiddos

Finally, the break from school activities gives you a chance to really unwind and bond with your family, which is the best part of everyone’s summer! So spend some quality time with your kids this summer in the cool and comfort of your own home thanks to MyAir.

MyAir is Advantage Air’s premium reverse cycle air-conditioning zone control system. Using the MyPlace touchscreen or mobile app you can tailor the temperature of every room to your individual level of comfort either while you are at home or while you are out and about. That means you’ll always return home to a perfectly cool house and can keep the happy summer vibes rolling.

Get your home summer ready. Learn more about MyAir from Advantage Air.