Advantage Air’s Top AC Maintenance Tips

The change of season is here again, making it the perfect time to do some regular maintenance on your smart air conditioning system. It is always recommended to have your system regularly serviced/maintained by a qualified professional, but there are also a few DIY checks that you can do! Read on to find out what they are…

How to maintain your AC

Regularly check that your filters are clean

This is one that you can do yourself if you choose to, otherwise it would be a part of the service that you get by a qualified professional. While it is recommended to clean/check your filters at the beginning of summer it is advisable to check going into winter as well. If you find that it is a particularly long hot summer or long cold winter and you are using your air conditioner more often than usual, you should probably consider cleaning your filters more frequently.

Cleaning your filters is actually both one of the easiest and most important aspects of air conditioning maintenance. Not only do air conditioners suck in the warm air and send it back out all lovely and cool, at the same time they also filter the air for us. This filtering out of dust and debris leaves us with a constant supply of clean, circulated air in the home.

Not properly maintaining your filters doesn’t only affect the efficiency. Dirty filters can also have negative health impacts such as triggering asthma and allergies, they can also cause your system to be noisy…and no one wants that!

Keep the area around your air conditioner clear

Keeping the air conditioning unit and surrounding area clean and clear is also a relatively easy but very important part of maintaining your air conditioner. A build-up of dirt or debris on your unit can cause it to need to work harder, reducing efficiency and negatively affecting your energy costs.

Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of dirt and leaves, maintain any plants or trees in the area and just generally keep the space clear of obstructions.

Have an expert regularly service your air conditioning system

It has been mentioned a number of times but the importance booking in a regular service of your air conditioning system with a qualified professional cannot be understated! Yes there is some basic maintenance that you can look after but for the most part, you want a professional to do the job for you.

A qualified expert is not only going to have the knowledge and expertise to maintain and if necessary diagnose any issues you may have, but they also have all of the correct tools to complete the job properly. A qualified expert will do things such as:

  • Check your duct for any wear and/or damage
  • Check your unit for a moisture build up that could have the potential to lead to the growth of mould
  • Check your electrical connections
  • Check your refrigerant level
  • Perform many other necessary checks so that you can be confident that your system is functioning at its best and also most efficient

Why is air conditioning maintenance important?

Maintaining your air conditioning has many benefits, both practical and economical. By maintaining your system you are creating the best opportunity for it to function at its absolute best! Most people are looking to get the most efficiency possible out of their air conditioner – it can after all be one of the biggest energy users in the home. Regular maintenance can help to ensure that your system is cooling and heating sufficiently and continuously, which ultimately creates savings on your energy bills!

Looking at the bigger picture, regular maintenance can also save on costly unit repairs or even replacement. To put it in perspective, we regularly service our cars to keep them running efficiently and catch any small issues before they become a big and expensive problem. So why not do this for what is one of your homes biggest investments?

Man controlling his air conditioner from his smart phone


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The most important takeaway from this is that if you maintain your system, you are giving it the best chance to operate in the way that it is designed with maximum effect and efficiency! Contact Advantage Air for more information.

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