Slater Air Conditioning

Based in the northern suburbs of Perth, Slater Air is able to provide practical air-conditioning solutions for all types of projects, from air conditioning systems for existing homes to more complex, commercial air conditioning solutions. After listening attentively to your wish list, Slater Air will carefully put together the best options available, to provide the comfort you need without any hassles.

Air Conditioners for New Homes

Air conditioning is one of the most critical components when building your new home and is generally the item that is given the least attention. By talking to you before pre-start, Slater Air will ensure that the most effective and efficient system is installed. Let Slater Air look after your bulkheads, penetrations and all other building requirements.

As you are building a new home, aesthetics are just as important as having an air conditioning system that works effectively. Your system needs to fit in to your décor, whether you want it to be a feature, or unobtrusive, so Slater Air can provide custom grilles in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes.

Leading Brands

The best service in the world means nothing if second rate products are installed, that’s why Slater Air only use world class brands, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind that all of their air conditioning systems and products are environmentally friendly and meet and/or exceed, all Australian Standards and MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards). Slater Air has numerous control options, including Advantage Air’s MyAir, so that your air con can become part of a fully integrated, automated system.

After-Sales Service

Not only do Slater Air look after your design needs now, the company also want to look after you for the life of your air conditioning system. Slater Air are able to provide you with a comprehensive service package to maintain your system’s ongoing excellent performance.

To speak to Slater Air, contact the team on 1300 735 838.

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