Marac Services

Marac Services is a Sydney based company that specialise in high-end air conditioning installations.  Our vision is to provide customer satisfaction beyond expectation in service, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. Our goal is to be industry leaders in high-end air conditioning installations.

The Team

At Marac Services we have a team of highly skilled technicians that are at the forefront of modern technology. Our technicians lead the way in the servicing and installation of energy efficient smart air conditioning systems. All our technicians are fully licensed and have obtained the highest level of training available.


With over 10 years experience with Advantage Air products, Marac Services have been the go-to company for all Sydney based enquiries. We are passionate about setting the standard in Sydney for all high-end air conditioning installations.

To learn more about My Air and/or My Lights or to book in a free no obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantage Air Specialists in NSW - Marac Services


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