MyLights Lets You Control Lighting From Your Phone

Have you ever got into bed on a cold winter’s evening, just got snuggled in and realised that the light you can see coming down the hallway isn’t the moon or the smoke detector, but is indeed the kitchen light that has been left on? As you lie there in your warmth and comfort and contemplate the pros and cons of leaving it on all night or getting up and switching it off, you inevitably end up choosing the latter and immediately lament the situation, if not the person responsible for leaving it on!

What Is MyLights?

If this situation (and many other similar ones) is familiar to you, MyLights could well be the product for you. So what is MyLights? MyLights is a smart home lighting system that incorporates the energy efficiency of LED lighting, the convenience of controlling the system remotely from your phone, yet without compromising on the reliability of a hard-wired lighting solution.

MyLights was designed and developed by Advantage Air, leveraging the technology developed in air-conditioning through the MyAir product. The functions that were valued by consumers with their air-conditioning were soon realised to also be valuable in a lighting system, the pinnacle of which was the smartphone app, allowing control of the air-conditioning from the smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Practical Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Having an app on your smartphone for your air-conditioning solved problems such as “I’ve just got to work and I think I might have left the air-conditioning on” which can be quite costly on a hot summer’s day, and the crowd favourite – “It’s been really hot today, I know the house is really hot so I’m going to turn the aircon on before I leave work to arrive home to a cool comfortable house”.


Now take these kinds of scenarios and apply them to lighting. Turning your air-conditioning on before coming home now turns into “I’m leaving work late, and I’d prefer not to come home to a dark house, especially if I’m by myself, so I’m going to turn the lights on before I get home”. Or imagine being on holiday and controlling your MyLights at home from the beach in another country to make it look like you are home. Now that is a smart home lighting system.


Although security is a higher valued utility than comfort, let’s not forget about comfort – after all, smart home systems should make your life better and easier, and with respect to MyLights it’s no different. At the beginning of the article we discussed the issue of realising lights have been left on after you have got into bed, the problem of which is solved with the MyLights smartphone app, but lets also consider some other scenarios.

It’s been a long day at work, you have just finished having dinner in front of the TV and your partner say to you “can you turn the lights off” so you can snuggle in for the night. Instead of thinking “I don’t know if I have the energy to get up again” you slip your hand into your pocket, pull out your smartphone and Voila! Problem solved! A similar scenario is watching a movie, and wanting to dim the lights to suit the task at hand. No more 1980s style dimmer knobs on the wall – you now have an intuitive smart lighting system to take care of that.

MyLights really is a smart home lighting system, bringing 21st century lighting to today’s homes. It incorporates practical features, in an attractive and easy to use interface, all at an affordable price. To find out more, check out the MyLights section of the website, and also be sure to check out the Find a Specialist section too.