4 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an AC System

Choosing the correct heating and cooling system can be a daunting task, especially when it’s a long-term investment for your family and home. Making sure you tick off all your wants and needs against a long laundry list of desired features and functions can be tricky, but it can also be the determining factor between a cool solution and a costly lesson.

To help you make a wise choice, we’ve spoken to our heating and cooling experts here at Advantage Air and have compiled a list of the top 4 factors you need to consider when selecting an AC system for your home.

1. Efficiency & Cost

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing an AC system is that it’s an investment for your family and home. So although you may be tempted to go with the cheaper option, remember it’s the less expensive systems that will cost you more down the track, both through increased running costs and also increased maintenance costs.

Conversely, the higher quality systems tend to have higher efficiencies, which make them less expensive to operate and more likely to pay for themselves over time.

The current demand for energy efficient air cons has also seen a rise in in-house technologies that lead to further savings, such as our MyAir system. Using an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor in each room of the home ensures that rooms are not over-conditioned, which saves energy when compared to a standard system. MyAir can also have motion sensors, which reduces energy consumption by monitoring whether a room is in use, and adjusting the set temperature for that room slightly to reduce the demand for heating or cooling, again saving you energy. The MyAir app also allows you to turn your AC system on and off with a tap of your tablet or mobile and section rooms or “zones” off according to what suits your needs.

Lady bringing in her shopping to her cool house

2. Comfort & Practicality

The big question when choosing an air con is: What kind of system do I want? To ensure you’re shopping for an AC system that ticks all the boxes on your checklist, it’s important to understand some of the different types of AC systems available to you:

  • Reverse Cycle: An air conditioner with both heating and cooling capabilities
  • Inverter: An air conditioner that delivers a constant airflow and adjusts the intensity of the outdoor unit (compressor) to achieve the desired temperature set-point. Inverter systems are more energy efficient than the traditional fixed-speed air conditioning units
  • Smart AC: An air conditioner that connects to your home network so you can control and monitor its output through an app on compatible tablet or mobile devices

Once you have selected the appropriate system for your home and lifestyle, some other important features to also consider include noise, fan speed settings, sleep mode and power consumption. That way, you can ensure the right AC system with the total package.

3. Taking Control of your AC System

With the leaps and bounds in technology in recent years, especially for the home, there are a wide range of new possibilities now available to the homeowner. One of these new possibilities is the opportunity to take control of your home products thanks to the introduction of smart devices.

When it comes to choosing an AC system, make sure to keep in mind the functions that matter most to you. If its total control over your AC system that you seek, consider installing a smart AC system such as MyAir, which gives you the ability to control your entire AC system from anywhere in the world at the touch of your fingertips. Simply install the MyAir app to your tablet or mobile device and have complete comfort and control wherever you go. This translates into energy savings whereby you can turn off or adjust the set temperature to reduce demand when you are not at home, and into comfort when you are at home – turn the air on or off, or adjust the temperature to improve your comfort level without getting up.

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4. Reliability

Another key consideration when choosing an AC system that will serve your home for decades is reliability. When it comes to picking a pricier model, it pays to stick with a reputable company with extensive experience and great after-sales service.

Here at Advantage Air, we have over 27 years’ experience helping Australian families tame the heat, fight the cold and find their ultimate comfort zone. All our products are designed and manufactured here in Australia, and with an experienced team of heating and cooling specialists who are happy to help with any of your enquiries, as well as a dedicated Technical Support centre staffed right here in Australia, Advantage Air is a smart choice when choosing your air-conditioning investment. To find out more, contact us today.

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