Four Motion Temperature Sensors for $350

Add Motion Temperature Sensor to your MyAir system to save more energy. As four is the optimum number for efficiency we have bundled them at one low price of $350.

During the day you naturally move between a few rooms of your house and will run your heating or cooling in all of those rooms. To help save energy you can add motion temperature sensors in the rooms of your choice. When they signal the room has no motion for 10 minutes the system automatically adjusts the target temperature by + or – 1 degree.  If the room still has no motion for another 10 minutes the system adjusts the temperature by another + or – 1 degree.  When you re-enter, the room will return to your original target temperature.

This small change is enough to reduce the room’s energy use by up to 20%

Motion temperature control special includes:

  • Four Motion Temperature Control Sensors
  • One Antenna

Special ends June 3o, 2021

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