MyMonitor Control Module


MyMonitor Control Module is a combined hardware and software addition to the MyLights Foundation Kit and MyPlace Kits . It is a security module that allows automation actions to be programmed to respond to motion. Once motion is detected a number of events and actions are possible and these are easily set up in the App.

  • a single light or multiple lights can be turned on
  • your air conditioner can be switched on or off,
  • your favourite music can play
  • a notification can be sent to your smart device to alert you if there is or isn’t movement

The uses are limited only by your imagination. No specialised home automation programming is needed.

MyMonitor Control Module includes:

  • Licensed Hue Bridge and power supply
  • One Hue motion sensor,
  • MyMonitor software licence
  • One globe, Edison Screw cap or Bayonet cap

MyMonitor can also integrate Hue bulbs into MyLights allowing these to be controlled by a single app



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