Australian Made

Advantage Air is proudly Australian, designing and manufacturing smart electronic control systems direct from our Canning Vale, WA centre. We embrace technology and are committed to producing quality products. Our consumer support centre is also local, you will always receive friendly, helpful information and support.

MyPlace. You can't beat Australian smarts.

Smart. Good looking. Australian. What’s not to love! MyPlace is the locally designed and made integrated smart home system that works with products and items you already own. Being a helpful Aussie, it comes in modular form so you can add more now or in the future.

MyPlace is laughably simple to use. Open, close. On, off. Up, down. With the MyPlace control panel and app, you have remote control over your:

  • Lights
  • Garage Doors
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Electric Gate
  • Outdoor Strip Heaters
  • Electric Windows & Sky-Lights
  • Most 240 volt Hard-wired Items

MyAir. It's Australian for comfortable and in control.

Arctic tundra or surface of the sun? Whatever your idea of comfort is, you can have your room your way with MyAir. With up to 10 zones, individual room airflow control and a touchscreen that doubles as a tablet, MyAir is our premium home air conditioning management system. And because you can never have too much control, it integrates with MyPlace.

You can add-on a MyPlace relay kit from $550 plus installation, click here for the details.

Buy MyLights online now

Do a DIY renovation. There’s never been a better time, or price, to install a MyLights smart LED system that comes with an 8-inch touchscreen. Buy MyLights’ premium smart lighting system to help make your home feel more comfortable and secure from a manufacturer’s direct price.

Meet MyTeam

Meet MyTeam

Our support team consists of real humans, right here in Australia. This means we can help you before, during and after your purchase, so you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home.

Talk to an expert

Talk to an expert

Talk to one of our humans today… our helpful humans are committed to our customers, we will treat you with respect, work with you at your pace to find the right solution, ensuring you get all the support you need when buying new technology.

Smart Home

MyPlace turns your home into a smart home.

MyPlace can control most things that are 240 volt hard-wired, so the choice becomes yours.

MyPlace Brochure [PDF]

Air Con

Come home to comfort year round with MyAir, our premium, reverse cycle, smart air conditioning management system with up to 10 zones and individual room airflow control.

MyAir Brochure [PDF]


You feel safer when you can see.

With MyPlace, one touch of MyWelcome lets you turn on all the lights you’d like to come home to; or tap MyGoodbye to turn off all the lights when you leave.

MyLights Brochure [PDF]